happen to say中文

發音:   用"happen to say"造句
  • happen:    vi. 1.發生,〔口語〕出現。 2 ...
  • say:    vt.,vi. 1.說,講;表達;表 ...
  • happen in with:    偶然和...碰見
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  1. She didn ' t happen to say anything
  2. Crispin happened to say " thank you " at lunch today without being told
    克里斯平今天吃午飯的時候主動說了“謝謝你” 。
  3. A few days ago i was talking with an old couple that lives next door in the log shanty , and they happened to say hardly anybody ever goes to that island over yonder that they call jackson s island
  4. In conversation with tchitchagov , kutuzov happened to say that his carriages , packed with china , that had been carried off by the enemy at borisovo , had been recovered unhurt , and would be restored to him
  5. So sometimes we re very fierce to people , but we don t know why . it s because the button has been pressed . a particular person happens to say something that we d heard in the past when those words upset us


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