homing head中文

發音:   用"homing head"造句
  • homing:    adj. 1.回家的,有歸還習性的。 ...
  • head:    n. 1.頭,頭部,首。 2.頭腦, ...
  • acoustic homing head:    聲導引頭; 聲自動引導頭
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  1. In all systems the homing head has to remain stabilised in space during a period when there is no guidance signal .
  2. A homing head is merely a target tracker; when mounted in an airborne missile it is sometimes called a "homing eye" or a "seeker" .
  3. A homing head is merely a target tracker ; when mounted in an airborne missile it is sometimes called a " homing eye " or a " seeker "
    導引頭是一個目標跟蹤裝置,當它被裝在導彈上時,有射稱之為“尋的器”或“探尋器” 。
  4. Advantages , disadvantages and limits of arm are thoroughly examined using signal processing methods . based on the above , incoherent and coherent two - point - source decoy methods and modified coherent two - point - source decoy methods to deflect arm are brought forward . arm ’ s homing heads are generally of mono - pulse structure , so coherent two - point - source ’ s interference resembles that to mono - pulse radar except that interference to radar belongs to far field scope , but interference to arm varies from far field to near field because relative distance drastically changes between the homing head and the two - point - source with missile ’ s homing head continually approaching the target


    Homing Head () is a headland at the northeast side of Sally Cove on Horseshoe Island, off Graham Land, Antarctica. It was named by UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee in 1958; the name arose because this conspicuous black headland, formed by sheer cliffs high, was treated as an objective by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey sledging parties returning to the Horseshoe Island station.


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