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  1. Additional homologous sequences of alligator mississipiensis and caiman crocodilus from genbank were aligned together and compared with chelonia mydas
  2. Kingi and l . marginatoides . out of the aligned homologous sequence of 550 sites obtained , the parsimony informative sites are 97 and occupy 17 . 6 %
    比對得到550個位點的同源序列,其中簡約性信息位點97個,約占全部位點的17 . 6 。
  3. No homologous sequence was found by comparing it with the sequences obtained from the net , so that the cloned gene was supposed to be an unknown new gene , designated as opra
    同源比較分析沒有發現同源序列,推測這一序列可能是一未知的新基因,命名為apra 。
  4. Angiogenin ( ang ) is a small monomer which universally exists in tissues and cells . angiogenin belonging to ribonuclease superfamily has 35 % homologous sequences with ribonuclease a ( rnase a )
    血管生長因子( angiogenin , ang )是一個小的單聚蛋白,與rnasea是同系物,在組織和細胞中分布廣泛。
  5. Chomez and colleague also found this gene by homologous sequence splicing in the database of gene bank in 2001 and named as mage - hi , but there are no any biological functions of restin reported
    2001年, chomez等通過同源序列篩選genbank數據庫,也發現了該基因,并命名為mage - h1 ,但有關該基因的具體生物學功能研究還沒有報道。


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