host specific中文

發音:   用"host specific"造句
  • adj.
  • host:    短語和例子 host3 n. 1.一 ...
  • specific:    adj. 1.特殊的;特有的;特定的 ...
  • host-specific:    宿主持異性的; 宿主特異性的


  1. In conjunction with server adapters and host specific optimization software , server switches provide a cohesive server system to meet stringent performance , scalability and resilience requirements of multiserver applications
  2. In addition , the evident crossing - infection happened in the strains came from myrica , casuarina also could be found in the sequencial analysis . all these results we obtained from the sequencing and rflp analysis were partly accorded with what baker brought forward in 1987 ( the four host specific group , hsg ) . however , they also indicated the limit of this hsg
    5株供試菌株與其它已發表菌株的全序列比較結果可將所有菌株大致劃分為4個簇,楊梅菌株fmr61 、木麻黃菌株fcg07和木麻黃菌株fce42具有較高相似性與榿木菌株聚為第簇;而楊梅菌株fmr16和2215與來自胡頹子科和沙棘的菌株聚在一起歸為第簇。


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