in a towering rage中文

發音:   用"in a towering rage"造句
怒氣沖天, 大發雷霆
  • towering:    adj. 高聳的,屹立的;突出的;高 ...
  • rage:    n. 1.憤激,憤怒。 2.激烈,猛 ...
  • be in a towering rage:    履憤怒; 滿心憤怒
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  1. Meanwhile vulcan arrived in a towering rage , demanding back his wife who had slipped away three days ago
  2. Miss puny little edy s countenance fell to no slight extent and gerty could see by her looking as black as thunder that she was simply in a towering rage though she hid it , the little kinnatt , because that shaft had struck home for her petty jealousy and they both knew that she was something aloof , apart in another sphere , that she was not of them and there was somebody else too that knew it and saw it so they could put that in their pipe and smoke it


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