in a ward中文

發音:   用"in a ward"造句
  • ward:    n. 1.監視,監督,監護,守護;監 ...
  • -ward:    -ward(s) 后綴 向…: so ...
  • be in ward to:    在...監護下
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  1. He repeated these words all the way to the hospital , and after he was placed in a ward for seriously ill patients , an even more surprising wonder occurred
  2. Grandma had been sent to stay in a ward at a hospital " i instantly felt like being hit on the head . i asked , " when did that happen ? why haven t you told me earlier ?
  3. Many of the locri deaths , critics charged , were tragically unnecessary : elderly patients had been placed in a ward without air conditioning , on the third floor of a building where windows were exposed to the broiling sun
  4. The results indicate that the design is successful . wt8820 settles the problems of existing wbt and caters to the users , it also adds the diversity of wbt . in a ward , wt8820 is a well performance terminal machine


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