in admiration of中文

發音:   用"in admiration of"造句
贊美, 賞識
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  1. He was rapt in admiration of that young lady .
  2. The 20 - year - old admits he is in admiration of some of the players he will come up against on wednesday night when the champions league holders visit emirates stadium
    歐冠聯賽的衛冕冠軍將于周三晚上做客酋長球場, 20歲的小法承認他非常欣賞米蘭陣中的某些球員,而他將有機會和這些球員交手。
  3. Passepartout , however , thinking no harm , went in like a simple tourist , and was soon lost in admiration of the splendid brahmin ornamentation which everywhere met his eyes , when of a sudden he found himself sprawling on the sacred flagging
  4. Veterinarian institute by william ? dick established in 1823 , and merged in 1951 loves in a big way , was england is biggest , one of historical most long veterinarian institutes , attracted the domestic and foreign many students to come to study assiduously bachelor , master and the doctorate in admiration of somebody ' s fame , its start curricular area was broad , also the distribution quite was balanced , will be able to participate in any medical practice and the research from now on for the student builds the solid foundation


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