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發音:   用"in pubic"造句
  • 公開地,當眾


  1. Men in pubic life are sometimes defamed by opponent
  2. Accountants rendering accounting services on a fee basis and staff accountants employed by them are said to be engaged in pubic accounting
  3. These problems include inputting too much in economic structure area and government administration area , and inputting too few in pubic education 、 security system and pubic health system
  4. The skew beam completely changes the structure ' s mechanical characteristic . so far there is not yet a calculation method that can be accepted in pubic , which make designer into great trouble in designing this kind of structure
  5. In general , a most appropriate governing characteristic of china can most likely be accomplished through an active shift of government functions , of paradigms in pubic administration , of what and how government is supposed to be there ( serving the people and the society through effective administration ) , along with an establishment of a healthy relationship between government and society


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