in respect that中文

發音:   用"in respect that"造句
  • respect:    n. 1.尊敬,尊重;〔pl.〕敬意 ...
  • that:    pron. (pl. those ) ...
  • but not respect:    但是不能買到尊敬
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  1. This is out of the question , in respect that is stultifies the whole plan
  2. Decoder is hided in encoder in respect that this system adopts analyse - synthesize
    由于本算法采用的是合成-分析( abs )原理,編碼器中隱含著一個解碼器。
  3. In respect that the energy consumption of heating system occupied 60 % in the building , heating control became the factor
    由于民用建筑中采暖系統的能耗占整個建筑能耗的60 ,因此采暖系統的節能控制是建筑節能的主要途徑之一。
  4. In respect that , the concept of region which is made up of infinite interval sequence is introduced . based on this , unary operation about region and binary relationship between region is defined
  5. In respect that china lacks absolute control on oil producing areas and oil routes , china doesn ' t want to and also can ' t become countries like the united states and japan who rely heavily on oils from some single area ( the middle east )


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