in the grasp of中文

讀音:   用"in the grasp of"造句
  • 在...掌握中
  • grasp:    vt. 1.抓住,握緊,抱住。 2. ...
  • grasp at:    想抓住, 攫取; 向抓去; 向…抓去 ...
  • american grasp:    美國式握槍法


  1. It cannot be said that the promised land was ever completely in the grasp of the hebrews .
  2. The art of war is in the grasp of talented commanders
  3. But the traditional posting business had been carved up , the press - issuing business had been in the grasp of each newspaper offices , multi - channel - issuing mode has been a popular mode , and the competition had been harder and harder
  4. Pearl , that wild and flighty little elf , stole softly towards him , and taking his hand in the grasp of both her own , laid her cheek against it ; a caress so tender , and withal so unobtrusive , that her mother , who was looking on , asked herself , " is that my pearl ?
    珠兒那野性子的輕靈小鬼,輕手輕腳地偷偷溜到他身旁,用雙手握住他的手,還把小臉貼在上面那撫愛是那么溫柔,而且還那么從容,使得在一旁看著的海絲特不禁自問: “那是我的珠兒嗎? ”
  5. If you will just pay attention , and not try to hold it all in the grasp of concepts , or the grasp of a thinker , and know that whether or not you , as a sense of identity , are doing well or not , whether you are being able to hold onto your definitions or not , this movement of awakening is proceeding , and the undoing will be complete


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