income support中文

發音:   用"income support"造句
  • income:    n. (定期)收入,所得,收益。 a ...
  • support:    vt. 1.支承,支撐;支持;支援, ...
  • but for income:    特殊原因收入
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  1. Income support and jobseekers allowance
    收入補助金和求職津貼( jsa )
  2. The annual cost of income support to unmarried mothers amounted to 700 million in that year
  3. " in cases of genuine hardship , the director of social welfare will continue to exercise her discretionary power as she does now to waive the residence requirement for cssa , which is our main scheme for income support
  4. Because the price and income support may be harmful in economy , ecosystem and the society , developed countries tend to reform the ways of their agriculture subsidy . the basic tendency is " greening the subsidies " - - step by step to increase the proportion of ecosystem compensation
    價格和收入支持類補貼存在經濟、生態和社會方面的缺陷,補貼改革的基本趨勢是補貼方式“綠色化” ? ?逐步加大生態補償性補貼和公共物品服務類補貼的比重。


    Income support is an income-related means-tested benefit in the United Kingdom for people who are on a low income. Claimants of Income Support may be entitled to certain other benefits, for example, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit and help with health costs.


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