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  1. The novelty of this method is that interaction indices are introduced . this leads to the design method emphasizing the trade - off between the individual loop performances and interaction
  2. This system is utilized the programmable controller ( plc ) bearing of substitution rule ( the figure is apparent the form , writing instrument , individual loop controller , the hand is holded the utensil and is reached to assist the bearing unit and await ) , achieve the 29mw ' s cycle stream of water warmhearted water boiler , oxygen remover , warmhearted net system control system together with monitoring voluntarily of electric section together with control being living , the rule to call off greats quantity displays the bearing in that system , boiler , oxygen remover , the warmhearted net operation is achieved crt and is supervised completely , manipulates personnel staff is living inner place the control cabin completely completees failure - free operation and trouble removal operation . the predictive target of putting ino production queen is the boiler , oxygen remover , the warmhearted net is achieved comprehensive self - regulation , moreover be able to be over a long period of time , steady secure operation
    本系統利用可編程控制器( plc )替代常規的儀表(數顯表、記錄儀、單回路控制器、手操器及輔助儀表裝置等) ,實現29mw循環流化床熱水鍋爐、除氧器、熱網系統控制系統與電氣部分的自動監測與控制。在該系統中取消大量的常規顯示儀表,鍋爐、除氧器、熱網的運行實現crt全面監控,操作人員在控制室內全部完成正常運行及事故處理操作。投產后的預期目標是鍋爐、除氧器、熱網實現全面自動調節,并能長期、穩定、安全運行。


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