individually-run enterprises中文

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  • individually:    adv. 1.以個人資格。 2.個性 ...
  • run:    adj. 剛出海的,剛捉上來的(魚) ...
  • enterprise:    n. 1.(艱巨或帶有冒險性的)事業 ...
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  1. Seeking solution for difficulty in raising funds of individually - run enterprises
  2. Research on the management structure problem of individually - run enterprises in china
  3. The branch office of far & wide will continually try its best to provide high - quality legal services concerning insurance maritime , being listed of the enterprises , investment , real estate affairs for all clients from insurance corporations , shipping companies , foreign - investment and individually - run enterprises
  4. During the period of this transformation , a special enterprise type - individually - run enterprise has been formed . they took this special marketing opportunity , made a marvelous development and finished their original accumulation , and got over their initial stage
    自改革開放以后,我國市場上涌現出一個特殊的企業群體? ?民營企業,它們抓住特殊的市場契機,在短時間內取得了超常規的發展,初步完成了資本的原始積累,走過了他們的創業階段。
  5. Along with the development of the marketing economy and the china ' s entering into the wto , the individually - run enterprises of china are faced with the growing intense market competition . under this circumstance , the needs of all kinds of qualified people of enterprises are gradually increasing , while the mechanism of human resources management in private enterpirses is ill - developed , being a “ bottleneck ” restriction
    隨著市場經濟的不斷發展以及中國加入wto ,我國的民營企業正面臨著日趨激烈的市場競爭,在這種形勢下,企業對各種類型人才的需求逐漸增大,而民營企業人力資源管理制度的不健全已經成為企業發展的‘瓶頸’ 。


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