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  • adj.


  1. He saw him once on the auspicious occasion when they broke up the type in the insuppressible or was it united ireland , a privilege he keenly appreciated , and , in point of fact , handed him his silk hat when it was knocked off and he said thank you , excited as he undoubtedly was under his frigid expression notwithstanding the little misadventure mentioned between the cup and the lip - what s bred in the bone
    事實是,當巴涅爾的大禮帽被擊落后,布盧姆把它撿起,遞了過去。盡管上述小小災難使巴涅爾功虧一簣211 ,他依舊神色坦然不過,內心無疑是激動的,還是說了聲。 “謝謝你”這是出于滲透到他骨子里的習性。
  2. He , bloom , enjoyed the distinction of being close to erin s uncrowned king in the flesh when the thing occurred in the historic fracas when the fallen leader s - who notoriously stuck to his guns to the last drop even when clothed in the mantle of adultery - leader s trusty henchmen to the number of ten or a dozen or possibly even more than that penetrated into the printing works of the insuppressible or no it was united ireland a by no means , by the by , appropriate appellative and broke up the typecases with hammers or something like that all on account of some scurrilous effusions from the facile pens of the o brienite scribes at the usual mudslinging occupation , reflecting on the erstwhile tribune s private morals


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