insurable property中文

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  • 可保財產
  • 可保險財產
  • 可接受保險的財產


  1. The owner of insurable property has an insurable interest in respect of the full value thereof , notwithstanding that some third person may have agreed , or be liable , to indemnify him in case of loss
  2. In particular , a person is interested in a marine adventure where he stands in any legal or equitable relation to the adventure or to any insurable property at risk therein , in consequence of which he may benefit by the safety or due arrival of insurable property , or may be prejudiced by its loss , or by damage thereto , or by the detention thereof , or may incur liability in respect thereof
  3. Where insurable property , whether ship or goods , is expressly warranted neutral , there is an implied condition that the property shall have a neutral character at the commencement of the risk , and that , so far as the assured can control the matter , its neutral character shall be preserved during the risk


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