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  1. Legal , zoning , and insurance requirements are provided for each business idea , as well as advice on expanding the business - and the profits
  2. As per normal , we have covered ( on ) your ordered goods for 110 % of the invoice value against wpa without your definite insurance requirements
    在沒有得到你方明確的保險要求情況下,我們按慣例把你所訂購之貨按發票金額110 %投保了水漬險。
  3. It is also stipulated in the service contracts between fehd and its cleansing service contractors that the latter must fulfil such insurance requirement
  4. It will also extend the insurance requirement to cover aircraft engaged in non - revenue flights since an aircraft , whether engaged in commercial or non - revenue flights , may cause damage in the event of an accident
  5. We will consider the need for legislation to promote timely , preventive maintenance . we will also consider whether or not it is necessary to impose insurance requirements for maintaining common parts and exteriors of buildings


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