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  • internet:    n. 【計算機】互聯網。 -ize ...
  • college:    n. 1.(綜合大學中的)學院。 2 ...
  • internet:    n. 【計算機】因特網,國際互聯網。 ...
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  1. However , today internet college is still a confused concept with no strict definition . it requires a long time to clarify and examine it
  2. From the development point of view , internet college is the general trend of time ; it will greatly change or cause evolution to social life , to education and to higher institution
  3. Simultaneously , in terms of reality , this paper to some extent also applies a traditional education analysis frame , for instance , the comprehension of internet college concept is a just case
  4. Internet delineates our future . internet college is a newly emerging thing in the internet time . how to evaluate it now and how to develop it in the future are important questions which needs our careful consideration
  5. Internet college discussed in this paper refers to a higher education form , which possesses the features of long - distance open education and virtual school , which fulfill the function of higher education by the internet information technology


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