ionized hydrogen的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"ionized hydrogen"造句
  • 離子化氫


  1. During ion source operating , alternating axial magnetic field and azimuthal electric field in discharge tube ionize hydrogen gas purified by hot palladium pipe , and form plasma , hi fifties year , research reports studied on rf ion source are numerous however most of them are concerned about application , and research reports relevant to discharge theory or experiment model are unfrequent
    離子源工作時,放電空間交變的軸向磁場和渦漩電場激發放電管中經鈀管純化后通入的氫氣電離,形成等離子體。 50多年來,關于高頻離子源的研究報告很多,但是,這些研究主要都集中在應用研究方面,有關高頻無極環形放電離子源的理論與實驗模型研究不是很多。


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