it just goes to show中文

發音:   用"it just goes to show"造句
  • [網絡] 真是活到老學到老;正如所見;馬上要向你展現的


  1. it just goes to show the reaches of bonzi's stupidity
  2. i m glad to hear it . that was quite an adventure . it just goes to show how easy it is to rob our bank
  3. after trying for five years i eventually won the bridge tournament; it just goes to show that every dog has its day
  4. although she has a diminutive figure, she has displayed in her books great courage and wisdom ? it just goes to show “ little bodies may have great souls
  5. we all have banter on there boards and it just goes to show that it is not chelsea, arsenal and liverpool who you have to really hate, it is these poxy italians who have invaded your board


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