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  1. The cuoqin basin suonahu formation is lacustrine facies and been divided into fan - delta and shallow lagoon facies
  2. The sedimentary facies of sihetun area may be divided into alluvial - fluvial , shore - lacustrine , semi - deep and deep lacustrine ; while those in yixian area can be classified into alluvial - fluvial , fluvial , shore - lacuatrine and lacustrine facies
  3. As regards sk ( bias angle ) and kg ( kurtosis ) values , the fluvio - lacustrine facies or palaeosols increases considerably compared with the aeolian sands . the former displays positive bias and the latter often approximately symmetrical distribution with only a minority negative bias
  4. Situated at the southeast of the mu us desert , ordos plateau , the milanggouwan stratigraphical section in the salawusu river valley keeps a record of 38 sedimentary cycles of alternate evolution of the aeolian dune layers with the fluvio - lacustrine facies and palaeosols since 150 ka bp
  5. Mz , a , sk , kg and sc / d ( ratio of the sum of silt and clay to sand ) of fluvio - lacustrine , palaeosols and aeolian sands constitute an interlocking , multi - fluctuation process curve with peak and valle y values : the < & value of mz , o and sk values often increase accordingly from aeolian sands to its overlying fluvio - lacustrine facies or / and palaesols , the kg value heightens , too , and the sc / d value also basically consists with its change steps
    河湖相和古土壤與風成砂的mz 、 、 sk 、 kg以及sc d (粉砂粘土之和與砂的比值)構成一峰谷交替、犬牙交錯的鋸齒狀多波動過程線:常常是由風成砂至上覆河湖相或和古土壤, mz的值、 、 sk值相應增大, kg相應增高, sc d值亦與之變化步驟基本一致。


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