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  1. Under the analysis of a great deal of civil aviation accident , this command assistant system is brought forward which aimed to lowed the ratio of approach and landing accident reduction
  2. Fruitful discussions were made on a variety of topics including training requirements for flight standards personnel , english language requirements of the international civil aviation organisation for pilot licensing , approach and landing accident reduction , windshear and turbulence warning system , and aviation security enhancement , etc
  3. During its storage , transportation , maintenance and service , the solid rocket motor ( srm ) may encounter many incidents such as being dropped onto the ground while being hoisted up , crashing when vehicle turns over during transportation , being struck heavily in takeoff or landing accident while being carried by airplane , impacting with launch platform or buildings when there is abnormality during launch of multiple - stage rocket . impact of great intensity takes place in such accidents , which will lead to srm ignition or explosion


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