leather tannery中文

發音:   用"leather tannery"造句
  • leather:    n. 1.皮,皮革。 2.革制品;〔 ...
  • tannery:    n. 制革[鞣皮]廠;〔罕用語〕鞣皮 ...
  • artisan tannery:    皮坊
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  1. But at present , there are little cow garment leather tanneries in china . every year large quantities of cow leather need to be imported to meet the great demand . so we are planning to promote foreign investment on this project
  2. Ligo leather company was established in 1986 as a leather importer , and is stepping into the 19th year in the operation of leather business with famous leather tanneries all over the world . here in taiwan , our subsidiary noble furnishing is a leather stockist whom supply the leather to major sofa makers in taiwan


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