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發音:   用"lie time"造句
  • 停工時間
  • lie:    n. 1.謊言,謊話。 2. 虛偽, ...
  • time:    n. 1.時,時間,時日,歲月。 2 ...
  • lie snug for some time:    暫時躲避著


  1. On the interface of human _ machine , we adopt a kind of programmable terminal - mpt002 , with this device we can set the circular periods , count number , start dropping and end dropping lay time
    人機界面方面,我們選擇了一種可編程終端? mpt002 ,通過該終端可以根據需要隨時動態修改循環周期、計數脈沖數以及開始、停止滴墨的延時時間。
  2. 10for settlement of demurrage / dispatch claim at loading port , both parties would finalize the lay time calculation sheet within 7 working days from the date of completion of loading based on the actual nor and statement of facts duly signed by the master or vessel ' s agent at load port


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