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  1. In the paper , the main technical indexes of light aggregate used in sclc were tested and the main characteristics of light aggregate concrete were introduced
  2. Burning experiment of various materials proves that burning mode of high strength and performance lightweight aggregate is different from that of common light aggregate
  3. Combining with workability and mechanical properties of sclc , it is pointed out that light aggregate with coarse surface and rotund shape satisfies the needs of sclc performance more easily
  4. Based on the principles of designs of self - compacting and light aggregate concrete mix , sclc of lc30 - lc50 was developed by using absolute volume method . the main factors affecting the workability of sclc were studied by adopting the modified l - 800 fluidity instrument . the results indicate that the key techniques insuring good workability of sclc are about 30 % first - grade fly ash , about 50 % volume sand ratio , 2 % ~ 6 % dosages of silicon fume and compounded superplasticicizers with viscous ingredient
    采用改進l - 800流動儀,研究了影響lc40自密實輕骨料高性能混凝土工作性的主要因素,結果表明:粉煤灰摻量保持30左右,硅灰摻量為2 6 ,體積砂率為50左右和摻加具有粘塑組分的復合高效減水劑是保證sclc拌合物具有較好工作性的關鍵。
  5. Model jy light thermal insulating pouring material is new irregularly setting fire - resistant material which is made from the excellent and super powerful light aggregate , super minunt material , combine agent and additional agent . this material is series of new fire - resistant lining naterial with low density , high intensity , small thermal conductivity


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