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  1. In chapter 5 , we make numerical calculation , then analyze the properties of the population distribution , the gain , the coherence term and population difference , and validate the transient light amplification mechanism of this system
  2. In 1958 , professor townes and dr . a . l . schawlow showed theoretically that masers could be made to operate in the optical and infrared region and this work resulted in their joint paper on optical and infrared masers , or lasers ( light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation )
    一九五八年,湯斯教授和邵盧博士( arthurl . schawlow )在理論上證明maser在可見光和紅外線的范圍亦可運作,并共同發表關于可見光和紅外線激射放大器,亦即laser ( lightamplificationbysimulatedemissionofradiation )的論文。


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