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  1. Megablast is one of the most important programs in ncbi blast basic local alignment search tool toolkits
  2. Basing on the analysis of above two algorithms , we propose a new algorithm , rp - all - pairs , which uses a method of randomized project to find ungapped local alignments in genomic sequence with up to a specified fraction of substitutions
    在分析以上兩種方法的基礎上,本文提出了一種新的算法: rp - all - pairs算法。該算法通過隨機投影發現基因組序列中含有特定部分的替換的無間隔局部對齊。
  3. Comparison of multimegabase genomic dna sequences is a popular technique for finding and annotating conserved genome features . performing such comparisons entails finding many short local alignments between sequences up to tens of megabases in length
  4. And among those sections , recognition of target template is completed by blast ( basic local alignment search tool ) , modeling is accomplished by modeling software modeller , evaluation of structure rationality is achieved by software procheck


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