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  • 邏輯結尾
  • logical:    adj. 1.邏輯的,邏輯上的;邏輯 ...
  • end:    n. 1.端,尖,末端,終點。 2. ...
  • logical front end:    邏輯前端程序; 邏輯前端機


  1. Otherwise , this highest level of samadhi leads to nirvana , what means total unity with logical end of individual form ( end of personal soul and also death or dematerialization of the body )
    否則,這種最高級別的三摩地會進入涅磐,意味著隨著個體形態合乎邏輯的完結而來的整個統一(個人靈魂的完結,同時也是肉體的死亡或者喪失物質狀態) 。
  2. Theoretically , being advanced is the main basis for a marxist party to be existent and developing , is the cardinal precondition for it to enforce its leadership and the logical end - result of its self - construction . therefore , the foundation for a party to be legitimate lies in being advanced and making it effectuated


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