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  1. Xinchang ft engineering co . , ltd limited ft international holdings limited of the united states by virtue of a powerful , development and production of electric cars based enterprises , which covers an area of over 20 , 000 square meters
  2. Shandong longkou double dragon chemical co , . ltd limited is a enterprise of province grade , it obtained many honour from shandong province , such as , advancing enterprise , keeping promise enterprise , yantai star enterprise etc , among the group , shandong longkou chemical imdustry factory is its kernel , the company occupied 80 , 00sqm , build area 48 , 00spm , assets values 67 million yuan rmb , fixed assets values34 million yuan rmb , emplyee 960 , among them , engineer and high skilled workers 54 , since 1995 , the annual output values are more than 100million yuan , annual profits are more than 10million yuan
    山東口雙化工有限公司是省級企業集團,被評為省級先進企業省重合同守信用企業省高新技術企業煙臺市明星企業和口市骨干企業,核心企業為山東口化工廠。公司占地8萬平方米,其中建筑面積4 . 8萬平方米擁有資產總值6700萬元,其中固定資產3400萬元有職工960人,其中各類工程技術人員54人。
  3. Shandong longkou double dragon chemical co , . ltd limited is located in the beautiful and richly city - longkou , which is alongside bohai sea and is one of the earliest coastal city openned , laishan airport about 100km to it , there are weiwu highway and delong railway on the east , and longkou international container harbor on the west , on the north side situated thermal power plant which is the biggest in jiaodong peninsula and seashore coal mine which is the biggest in china . in brief , it is convenient of traffic and communication , sufficient of energy resources , beautiful scenery and pleasant climate


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