map issue中文

發音:   用"map issue"造句
  • 地圖發行
  • at issue:    待解決的;爭議中的; 有分歧的地方; ...
  • be at issue:    在爭論中,不和的;待裁決的
  • be in issue:    正在產奶


  1. using the campus map as the geographic data source, a network test for the map issue on the internet is executed here
  2. construction projects other than the ones mentioned in paragraph 3 of this article shall be fortified against earthquakes in compliance with the seismic-resistance requirements specified in the seismic intensity zoning map or the ground motion parameter zoning map issued by the state
  3. note that this article assumes that you are familiar with enterprise development on the java platform, including jdbc, or mapping issues, j2ee design patterns like dao, and declarative transaction support such as that provided by enterprise javabeans technology


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