map language中文

發音:   用"map language"造句
[測] 地圖語言
  • map:    MAP =Military Aid ...
  • map into:    映入
  • on map:    地圖形式顯示
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  1. mapping language functional areas of volunteer whose mother language is chinese
  2. traditional product model is expanded to represent data requiremellt of product lifecycle, and how to realize data exchange among applications is discussed . the emphasis is put on how to solve data exchange among heterogeneous domains . a mapping method based on semanic feature is thoroughly discussed, and a mapping language based the method is put forward, which can be used to facilitate data exchange among heterogeneous data sources because of its formalization
  3. then the model mainly has three parts : the first, discussion database mode and mapping mechanism and define xml mapping language standard by idb between the dtd; second, establishing xml overall view after designing three package translators, and package manage the overall view machine who manages view; the third, the programming interface offering xpath and xquery, support the user to inquire about xml overall view


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