monitoring collection中文

發音:   用"monitoring collection"造句
  • monitor:    n. 1.告誡物,提醒物;〔古語〕忠 ...
  • collection:    n. 1.收集,采集;集團,收集品, ...
  • a collection of:    收藏的
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  1. The number of clerk monitors in the crm monitor collection
  2. Gets the count of the clerk monitors in the compensating resource manager monitor collection
    獲取補償資源管理器( crm )監視器集合中clerk監視器的計數。
  3. Returns the enumeration of the clerks in the compensating resource manager monitor collection
    Clerkmonitor . getenumerator方法返回補償資源管理器crm監視器集合中clerk的枚舉。
  4. The writer synthesize the technology of computer , wireless data communication , automatic control , ect . , based in the cosideration of update communication technology according with the traditional industrial , implement a data transmission channel using gsm short message platform , which can meet the requirements of monitoring , dispersing and non - watching of the monitoring collection points , it is also a monitoring collection system with the features of wide covering by net , non - schedueld and unfixed monitoring , and it has the strong points of low investment and low management cost as well . this system has advantages compared with other systems that should meet the requirements as dispered locations of monitoring collection , wide covering , unfixing monitoring , non - strict demand for real - time


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