monitoring costs中文

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  • monitor:    n. 1.告誡物,提醒物;〔古語〕忠 ...
  • cost:    n. 1.費用;代價,價格;成本。 ...
  • monitoring:    劑量測定; 監測;監察; 監查; 監 ...
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  1. To monitor costs effectively , you should first assign rates to resources
  2. The jobholder must constantly monitor cost and number of contract personnel on site
  3. At the same time , we should strengthen the environmental protection personnel , strictly enforce the law , increase it input , and reduce the monitoring cost
  4. You try to achieve your project goals while someone else worries about the budget . but if you ' re working with a limited budget or need to monitor costs throughout the project , you probably want to reduce costs to a minimum
    當別人為/ 3預算發愁時,您的項目正在順利進行。但是如果預算資金有限,或者在整個項目過程中需要嚴格監控資金消耗,就需要將成本降至最低。
  5. When large shareholders ca n ' t obtain profits from insider trading enough to compensate monitoring costs , they will reduce monitoring management , here the strict insider trading regulation increases corporate agent costs on the contrary , consequently reduces corporate value


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