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  • 十多億
  • more:    adj. 〔many, much 的 ...
  • than:    短語和例子 He has no ot ...
  • billion:    短語和例子 several bill ...


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  1. The energies of more than a billion people are now engaged
  2. But the cell phone market is bigger than music . more than a billion cell phones are expected to be sold worldwide this year
  3. It is learnt that the mass transit railway corporation will spend more than a billion dollars to refurbish some 700 of its train cars
  4. With more than a billion people in the basketball - crazed nation of china , it seemed likely someone would follow in yao ' s footsteps
  5. We have spent more than a billion dollars a month - - over $ 30 million a day - - and we must be prepared for future operations


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