mouths of rivers中文

發音:   用"mouths of rivers"造句
  • 河口
  • mouth:    n. (pl. mouths ) 1 ...
  • river:    n. 劈木工人。
  • of rivers:    賽庫安型河流


  1. Besides , you will not find coral near the mouths of rivers either because the river water has too much soil in it or because it is polluted . the longest coral bed in the world is one which lies off the northeast coast of australia . it is 2010 kilometres long
  2. The landd welling ancestors of this modern king of the sea were hunters with legs and the jaws and teeth of killers . their favorite hunting grounds were probably shallow waters near the mouths of rivers or off a level stretch of coast , for fish , both finny and shell , were then more plentiful and easier to catch than animals . because of this , these land mammals came to spend more and more time in the water


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