normal competition中文

發音:   用"normal competition"造句
  • 正常競爭


  1. It isn ' t however any normal competition , because there is a social afterwards to which all participants are invited
  2. As a form of abuse of dominant position , predatory pricing is prohibited by antitrust law . predatory pricing is so similar to normal competition that there is no consensus about whether it should be prohibited or how it should be regulated
  3. Such political differences , economic cooperation does not exclude both frank normal competition , and culture and promote each other to maintain their own traditions and characteristics of the dialectical relationship between the confucian " and different " ideas in the contemporary international relations in the specific application
  4. I guarantee to the contest organizers , the cut , i will be subordinate to the competition rehearsal and competition for the follow - up , if special circumstances to give up their competition , and must report to the approval of the organizing committee , if for no reason not participate in the competition , which will affect the normal competition , as a first initiative will abstain , as well as to bear the corresponding legal liability


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