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  1. The magnetic flux crossing a surface s is the surface : integral of the normal component of b
  2. Based on the acoustic radiation mode analysis , the transfer matrix relating the pressure at every field point to normal component of surface velocity is formed
  3. Because the field caused by the eddy - current transducer in the dissertation is not only axially symmetrical , but also plane symmetrical , there is no normal component of the electrical field strength and we cannot apply the condition en = 0 to solve such a problem
    由于本文中的渦流傳感器模型,其電磁場不僅是軸對稱場,而且還是平面對稱場,不含有電場強度的法向分量,所以無法利用邊界條件e _ n = 0來求解。
  4. When a ferromagnetism items is under the application of stress , the phenomenon that the tangential component of magnetic leakage field has maximum value and that the normal component of magnetic leakage field changes polarity and acquires zero value at the stress concentration zone will take place
  5. For the scattering field caused by the finite - length conducting and permeable cylinder , the boundary condition that the normal component of electrical strength is zero in conducting medium , i . e . en = 0 , was used to determine the separation constant of boundary value problem in the past
    以往含有有限長導電導磁圓柱體散射場的求解,大都根據導電媒質中電場強度法向分量為零,即e _ n = 0 ,這一邊界條件來確定邊值問題中分離常數的取值。


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