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  1. Quit - bleed maintains a normal concentration of prothrombin and other clotting factors in the blood plasma by promoting their biosynthesis in the liver
    Quit - bleed能促進肝臟合成凝血因子prothrombin及其他凝血因子,以維持他們在血漿內的正常濃度。
  2. The liver capacity was explained in the previous chapter to store carbohydrates as glycogen and to release glucose to maintain the normal concentration of glucose in the blood
  3. Although acid is often thought to be the stomach ' s main line of defense against invading bugs , the researchers found that e . coli , salmonella and other bacteria could survive for hours in it , whereas high normal concentrations of nitrite plus acid killed the bacteria in less than an hour
  4. ( 2 ) in high ca2 + krebs - henseleit ( k - h ) solution ( twice of normal concentration ) , duration of phasic contraction induced by fac was prolonged , which was longer than 60min , and the contractile amplitude was enhanced to 58 . 71 ? . 71 % ( p < 0 . 01 ) . after rings were incubated with nifedipine for 15min in order to block the l - type ca2 + channel , the iron induced contractile amplitude was inhibited
    主動脈環用硝苯毗咤( nifedpine , nif )孵育15min以阻斷卜型鈣通道后,再給予鐵刺檄,與未加nif的同濃度細胞外鈣離于組相比,鐵所致的收縮幅度均明顯降低(均p 0刀1 ) ,且高鈣液中鐵引起的相位性收縮幅度明顯高于正常鈣組。
  5. In chapter 2 , an economic concept - location quotients ( lq ) is introduced into the mathematical part of this article , in order to isolate what a city does well , and to find which of its industries export to the rest of the nation . author manipulates last five years " lq from data on farming , forestry , animal husbandry , coal , rude oil , tourism , export and import , population and etc , argues that we could know weather there is a larger than normal concentration of activity in the region , and weather there is a trend of regular develop trace of this activity by running a time series simple autoregression , which provides a feasible analysis tool for people to judge and choose an advantageous industry within this region


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