on board a ship中文

讀音:   用"on board a ship"造句
  • 在船上
  • board:    n. 1.板〔通常指寬4英寸半以上厚 ...
  • ship:    n. 1.船;大船;海船;艦〔作陰性 ...
  • board a ship:    上船登船接舷攻擊


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  1. One feels cooped up in a cabin on board a ship .
  2. I consulted neither father nor mother any more, nor so much as sent them word of it; but leaving them to hear of it as they might, without asking god's blessing, or my father's, without any consideration of circumstances or consequences, and in an ill hour, god knows, on the first of september 1651 i went on board a ship bound for london .
  3. When fitting a piece of pipe , how do you determine the exact position on board a ship
  4. Seafarers on board a ship shall be provided with food free of charge during the period of engagement
  5. Every effort should be made by those responsible in port and on board a ship to facilitate shore leave for seafarers as soon as possible after a ship ' s arrival in port


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