on even terms的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"on even terms"造句
  • 和...不相上下
  • even:    n. 〔詩〕傍晚,黃昏 (=even ...
  • term:    n. 1.期限,期間。 2.學期,任 ...
  • be even in:    個個不差


  1. Don't you know you should always be on even terms with the ladies ?
  2. Is it because a lowly human being will dare to fight and fight on even terms so you aren ' t happy
  3. We willingly compete with countries around the world and ask only that trade take place on even terms
    他說: “我們愿與世界各國競爭,只要求在公平的條件下進行貿易。
  4. " americans are willing to compete , on even terms , with china and any other country in the world as long as it is fair
  5. The bush administration is determined because we know that american workers excel on even terms and we recognize that open markets spur economic growth and create jobs in america


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