on the slate中文

發音:   用"on the slate"造句
  • 記在帳上
  • slate:    短語和例子 slate2 vt. 1 ...
  • slate:    短語和例子 slate1 n. 1. ...
  • slate is:    斯萊特群島


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  1. I have no change , could you put these eggs on the slate ?
  2. Do you remember what i wrote on the slate ?
    你還記得我在寫字板上寫的字嗎? ”
  3. Now tom began to scrawl something on the slate , hiding the words from the girl
  4. Fellow run up a bill on the slate and then slinking around the back streets into somewhere else
  5. About one fourth of the time … is spent compulsorily on the slate , for which the compositor receives no remuneration
    四分之一的時間… …被迫無版可排,因此排字工也沒有報酬可得。


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