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  1. Onstruction of university city - investigation of culture construction of three universities in hangzhou city
  2. 5 . used for vehicle chassis , merallurgy marchine , mining machinery the mechanism of water conservancy , onstruction equipment , angrioultural mechanismand roll steel equipment
  3. At last , on the basis of the practical example of lianyuan " s control network and data network integration technology , this paper brings up a new monitoring and control system c onstruction frame that based embedded tcp / ip protocol , taking use of the technology of embedded network . also in this paper , designs and implements it with the use of related technologies of hardware and software , and discusses and implements the three main questions : the design of the front equipment of collecting ; the managing and scheduling technology of the multi communication threads in communicating module of monitoring and control system ; the data processing
    本文最后以鏈源鋼鐵廠一個實際的監控網絡和數據網絡一體化的項目要求為例,提出了在該系統中引入嵌入式網絡技術,并由此設計了一種基于internet intranet的嵌入式的企業監控網絡和數據網絡的體系結構框架,利用有關的硬件與軟件技術,進行了設計與開發實現,并對基于internet intranet嵌入式監控系統的三個核心問題:基于嵌入式tcp ip協議的采集前端設備的系統設計,通訊模塊中多通訊線程的管理與調度以及數據的處理進行了探討與實現。
  4. However , the construction product and its producing process have its peculiarity and are different from other industries in the inner characteristics of construction and economic activities . therefore , its own explaining theory , reasonable methods and empirical foundation are called for by explaining the relationship between the construction growth and economic development , as well as the appraisement , planning and policymaking for t he c onstruction industry
  5. Furthermore , comparing between the results calculated by the program and that of the test indicate that they are analogical . using the program , both the model structure and the prototype of the longitudinal frame - shear wall structure system of main factory building in a large thermal power plant are analyzed , from which we get the regular pattern of earthquake resistant behaviors of this kind of structure and propose the recommends for b oth s eismic d esign and c onstruction


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