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發音:   用"open sentence"造句
  • open:    adj. 1.開著的,開放的;可進入 ...
  • sentence:    n. 1. 【法律】宣判;判決。 2 ...
  • in a sentence:    在句中; 在一個句子中
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  1. Pay particular attention to the opening sentence
  2. Write five opening sentences which could be used in letters to friends or relations
  3. When we had lunch with him there were probably 6 others sitting around the table and he turned to us and he said , " lenin told mekk . " how about that for an opening sentence to get your attention


    In mathematics, an open sentence (usually an equation or equality) is described as "open" in the sense that its truth value is meaningless until its variables are replaced with specific numbers, at which point the truth value can usually be determined (and hence the sentences are no longer regarded as "open"). These possible replacement values are assumed to range over a subset of either the real or complex numbers, depending on the equation or inequality under consideration (in applications, real numbers are usually associated also with measurement units).


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