out fan中文

發音:   用"out fan"造句
  • out:    adv. 1.〔位置及運動的方向〕向 ...
  • fan:    n. 〔美俚〕(運動,影迷,球迷)狂 ...
  • fan out:    部隊成扇形展開; 分列; 分形電纜心 ...
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  1. The enterprise mianyang langdi plastic product co . , ltd . integrated with us drives out fan blade also among other things
  2. All models are equipped with key locks and micro - switch to cut out fan operation and light up the lamp when the door is opened
  3. The submarine fan with completely inner , middle and outer fan can be divided into progressive and regressive sequence , which were composed of sandstone bodies formed by turbidity flow
  4. Sedimentary facies consist of fan delta , delta , nearshore submarine fan , sublacustrine fan , littoral - shallow lake beach and bar , as well as littoral - shallow lake , and semideep - deep lake facies and subfacies , of which the preferred sedimentary facies include delta , fan delta front , sublacustrine fan , midfan and outer fan of the nearshore submarine fan , and beach - bar facies developed in the littoral - shallow lake
  5. From comprehensive analysis , the conclusion can be drawn that the favorable reservoir of the upper part of the forth member of shahejie formation of bonan sag is the outer fan sandbody of fan delta near the y159 of the eastern part of the sag , the middle fan and outer fan of y160 , midian fan and distal fan of proximal turbidite and slump turbidite


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