out gas中文

發音:   用"out gas"造句
  • out:    adv. 1.〔位置及運動的方向〕向 ...
  • gas:    GAS = gasoline.
  • out of gas:    缺油; 也不會
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  1. Its core collapses to form a neutron star ? an inert , hyperdense remnant ? and the outer gas layers are ejected at 5 percent of the speed of light
    它的核心將崩塌形成中子星,那是一個毫無生氣的超致密恒星遺骸,而其外部氣層則以光速5 %的速度向外彈出。
  2. This device demand offer 0 . 510 kg gas source for which net instrument gas source would be best quality , if have not high quality instrument gas source , general gas source also can be use . this gas source enter oil water separator imports in this device to carry out gas source purification . and pass through depressure , pressure stabilizing into instrument , till sampler
    該裝置要求供給0 . 5 10公斤氣源,氣源的質量最好是凈的儀表氣源,如不具備高質量的儀表氣源即一般氣源亦可使用,此氣源進入該裝置內的油水分離器進口產品進行氣源凈化,并經減壓穩壓到儀表直到取樣頭。
  3. This paper take the conditions of tarim as an example , calculate quantity of gas generation , residual gas hydrocarbon , gas adsorption , gas dissolving in oil , gas dissolving in water , and gas diffusion under different geologic conditions , then according to the principle of material balance , work out gas expelling quantity
  4. The asteroids , occupying the transition region between the rocky terrestrial planets and the outer gas giants with special configuration , underwent the collision evolution process . thus , the physical parameters of the asteroids provide us with a blueprint about the conditions of the early solar system and the boundary conditions for the its evolution


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