paste as中文

發音:   用"paste as"造句
  • 貼上為
  • 粘貼為
  • paste:    vt. 〔俚語〕狠狠地打;(體育比賽 ...
  • paste:    n. 1.糊,漿糊;面團;軟糖;濃羹 ...
  • paste into:    粘貼入


  1. I have set the info to go into the config file aside so one could simply copy and paste as they work though the guide
  2. This doctor paper is a part of chinese 863 item . it detect and inspect diabetes through enzyme biosersor and can detect four parameters synchronously . the biosensor we designed used carbon paste as electrodes , and enzymes were immobilized on the surface of electrodes through special bio - immobile technology
    傳感器以印刷碳糊電極為基底,通過特殊的固定化技術將酶固定在電極上,在只需要4微升血液的情況下,同時檢測與糖尿病病情密切相關的四個參數:血糖、總膽固醇、乳酸、 -羥丁酸。
  3. In accordance with fracturing grouting consolidation in some tunnel of nanjing subway north - south line , the function and mechanism of grouting and its influence parameters are analyzed , and the material and ratio of cementing paste as well as its effects are discussed


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