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  • per:    短語和例子 $2 per man 每 ...
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  • weight:    n. 1.重量;體重;求心力,重力, ...
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  1. It is frequently referred to as "pressure head" when expressed in terms of energy per unit weight of water .
  2. Perhaps a key adaptive advantage of the angiosperm is their ability to construct wood with much less expenditure of energy per unit weight .
  3. It is frequently referred to as " pressure head " when expressed in terms of energy per unit weight of water
    當以單位水重的能量來表達時,經常看作為“壓頭” 。
  4. Higher efficiency of calcium oxide per unit weight , lower price and reduced transport space requirement militate in favour of burned lime
  5. From the information available for the preparation to be assayed ( the “ unknown ” ) , assign to it an assumed potency per unit weight or volume , and on this assumption prepare on the day of the assay a stock solution and test dilution as specified for each antibiotic but with the same final diluent as used for the usp reference standard . the assay with 5levels of the standard requires only one level of the unknown at a concentration assumed equal to the median level of the standard


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