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  1. The variance problem can be reduced by smoothing the periodogram . various techniques to reduce spectral bias and variance are the subject of spectral estimation
  2. Various apsd estimate arithmetics including periodogram method , correlogram method , blackman - tukey method , barlett method , yule - walker method , lda , and dga were implemented on ccs ( code composer studio )
    譜估計算法分別采用了經典非參數方法中的周期圖法、相關圖法、 bt法、 bartlett法,和參數法中的yule - walker算法、 lda 、 dga 。
  3. Lastly , we change the unequal time distance wheel speed to equal time distance wheel speed . according to the model of torsional vibrations , we introduce the spectral estimation method to design tpms . when the tirepressure is leaking , the peakvalue of the periodogram of the wheel speed will move to the real axis
    4 .利用核函數,提出了基于epanechnikov核函數的插值方法將采得的不等間隔的輪速信號轉換成等間隔的輪速信號。利用輪胎滾動方向的振動性質提出了譜估計法。
  4. In this paper , according to the periodically active characteristics shown in the historical earthquake data in this region since 1900 , we describe the rule of seismicity with sine function and furthermore make a preliminary forecast of the seismicity intensity and the developing trend in northeast china till the year of 2008 by using the periodogram of time sequence and other analytical methods
    摘要根據東北地區1900年以來的歷史地震資料所顯示的周期性活動特點,用正弦函數描述其地震活動規律,并結合時間序列的周期圖及其他一些地震活動性分析方法,對該地區未來1 ~ 3年地震活動發展趨勢和地震強度作了初步預測。
  5. Due to existing signal processing technology ’ s shortage such aslow measurement , narrow measurement range precision and other poor performance , we introduced a high - precise signal processing technology : firstly , to get power spectrum with hanning windowed welch modified periodogram , search its peak value frequency ; secondly , to apply zooming analysis via goertzel algorithm ; at last , to get a highly precise doppler frequency with energy centrobaric rectifying algorithm 。 the simulating result indicated that this technology introduced could get accurate doppler frequency 。 depending on above discussed technology , we designed a signal processing scheme , and developed a signal processing system . the running result showed high performance , verified the feasibility and reliability of the highly precise signal processing technology introduced . in a word , the technology improved ldv ’ s performance such as measurement precision , measurement range , dynamic response time 。 and it will have a wide application foreground


    The periodogram is an estimate of the spectral density of a signal. The term was coined by Arthur Schuster in 1898Schuster, A.


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