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發音:   用"peter smith"造句
  • peter:    短語和例子 peter2 n. 〔美 ...
  • smith:    n. 1.鐵匠,冶工,鍛工;金屬工匠 ...
  • are you peter smith:    你是彼得
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  1. Two years later , they got peter smith as his coach
  2. Are you peter smith
  3. “ rather than get into bad habits , it was best he learnt how to hit the ball correctly . ” says his father . two years later , they got peter smith as his coach
    “最好是讓他學習正確的擊球方法,而不要養成壞習慣, ”他父親說。兩年后,他們請了彼得?斯密斯當他的教練。
  4. Nearly a month ago , british high court justice peter smith , who handed down a ruling that brown had not plagiarized his book , had embedded his own secret message in his judgment by italicizing letters scattered throughout the 71 - page document
  5. “ education has the power to transform people and countries alike , because it is the wellspring of equality , ability , social opportunity , economic stability and national progress , ” said peter smith , unesco ' s assistant director - general for education
    聯合國教育科學文化組織的教育助理主任彼得?史密斯說: ?教育具有將人民及國家改變成相似的能力,因為它是平等、才能、社會機會、經濟穩定和全國進步的泉源。


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