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  1. In bacterial , many enzymes compete for intracellular pep , especially the phosphotransferase system which is responsible for glucose transport in e . coli . this system uses pep as a phosphate donor and converts it to pyruvate , which is less likely to recycle back to pep
    Pep和e4p是dahp合成的限制性底物,在大腸桿菌中, pep又是許多酶的競爭性底物,特別是負責葡萄糖轉運的糖磷酸基轉運系統。
  2. Tpt1 is essential for the vegetative growth of s . cerevisiae and codes for the trna 2 ' - phosphotransferase by using the plasmid shuffling technique , we have constructed a tpt1 - deleted strain and transformed it with trpt1 gene and found that the trpt1 could complement the yeast tpt1
  3. Mature embryo - derived calli of japonica rice ( oryza sativa l . ) cultivars nipponbare were transformed using agrobacterium tumefaciens strain agl1 carrying a binary vector pcas04 harboring the marker gene , neomycin phosphotransferase gene ( nptii ) , driven by a promoter from the ubiquitin gene in maize , a promoterless p - glucuronidase gene near to the left border of t - dna for trapping gene and a strong promoter , rice actin - gb promoter , near to the right border of t - dna as activation tagging . in this system , co - cultivation was simplified , special selection stages and pre - regeneration stage were omitted , the whole process was almost under continuous light at 30 ? except co - cultivation and transgenic plants began to generate only after 7 weeks calli were induced
    在一步轉化系統中,光照高溫條件下培養的水稻愈傷組織從誘導開始經過4周時間就可以達到轉化實驗的要求,并且簡化、優化了整個共培養過程,省去了一篩、二篩和預分化步驟,只用7周的時間就可以初步得到再生轉化植株;共191塊愈傷組織得到125塊抗性愈傷組織,轉化頻率達到65 . 4 ,最后共得到99棵獨立來源的再生植株,抗性愈傷組織再生頻率達到79 . 2 。


    Phosphotransferases are a category of enzymes (EC number 2.7) that catalyze phosphorylation reactions.


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