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  • 光電池,光電管
  • 光電元件


  1. The photoelectric cell controls a servomotor .
  2. Energy by colored optical glass and to receive the residual energy by photoelectric cell uniformly . the power meter has been tested for many parameters , such as : linearity , repeatability , uniformity ,
    行了大量的線性測試均勻性測試雜光測試重復性測試和長期穩定性測試,能夠實現功率最小至0 . 01
  3. Polyparaphenylenevinylene ( ppv ) has been paid attention to because of good photoelectric property and peculiar molecule framework ; fullenene have three - dimensional conjugated structure and diminutive electron binding energy , and its peculiar structure and property has interested photoelectric scientist . as an electronic acceptor , c60 can enhance the efficiency of organic photoelectric cells compounded with ppv . but the little solubility of c60 in common organic solvent limited its application , and processing measure need more researchment
    聚對苯乙撐( ppv )具有優良的光電性能和特有的分子構架而倍受關注, c _ ( 60 )具有三維共軛結構完美的對稱性和小的電子結合能,以其獨特的結構和性能引起了光電科學工作者的極大興趣,將c _ ( 60 )作為電子受體與共軛聚合物ppv復合可以使有機光伏電池的效率提高。
  4. The sensor operation speed can be 64ms / frame ~ 2ms / frame . in the research of photoelectric cell , device physics structure of pixels have been optimized . deep junction depth photodiodes , such as p + / n - well / p - sub structure , have been used and the photo - response of the sensor has been greatly enhanced
    復位信號為sv時的單幀感光動態范圍為60db ,采用改變復位信號頻率的二次掃描方式可將傳感器的總的感光動態范圍擴大到84db ,可對0石10 , 000lx光照強度的信號進行傳感。
  5. 3 ) the optical fiber sensor used hi oil contamination measurement is also developed . some key techniques such as selection of light source and photoelectric cell , designs of measurement set and flow cell are analyzed . a new orthogonal optics has been presented and virtually improved the reliability of test data
    3 )研制了測量油液污染度的光纖傳感器,分析了光路設計的各種關鍵技術(如光源、光電接收管的選擇、測量光路和樣品池的設計等) ,設計了正交光路光學系統,有效地提高了檢測信號的可靠性。


  1. a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations
    同義詞:photoconductive cell, photocell, electric eye, magic eye


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